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Welcome to Moreton Stables & Equestrian Centre

Moreton is situated in the heart of South Dorset, approximately 7 miles east of Dorchester. Our aim at Moreton is to provide a high quality livery service and well run friendly events.


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Thomas Hardye School Unaffiliated Showjumping - Thursday 19th February 2015 - for schedule click here.

Jump A Round - Sunday 12th April 2015 - for schedule click here.

Unaffiliated dressage, Combined Training (14th March 2015), ODE (15th March 2015) and Show Jumping shows are now on the schedules page.

Liz is now on the committee of Rules and Fixtures for British Dressage - please email Liz if you ever have any points you wish raised or have any questions.

Liz is the appointed Dorset county coordinator for British Dressage - please contact her if you are interested in finding out more about British Dressage or representing Dorset at future inter county competitions.

Please read the statement below which we will be posting at our cross country events re our course and insurance. This has just recently been resolved with our insurers and we have had to take appropriate, immediate action.  We are, however planning on running a clear round cross country day with the appropriate medical cover where helpers can use their vouchers. Helpers with vouchers issued at our March events can also use them for an entry to either the Unaffiliated Showjumping/Dressage or Affiliated Dressage.

Moreton Events

10th March 2011


This year there has been a significant review of XC and insurance by our insurers, the NFU.  Not just a review of Moreton but a review of all XC insurance.  In December, when we renewed our insurance, the NFU stated that under 13s could only ride XC at a Pony Club organised event because they already work with the PC and PC members and their horses/ponies are a known quantity and therefore a known risk.

British Eventing has its own insurance which covers the landowner, as does the PC.  After negotiation with the NFU, they agreed that Moreton Events can be considered a competent organisation and that under 13s can run at our events.

But this is because nearly all our course is BE approved and the remainder is built on the same principles and we run our competitions to BE standards and rules.  However we have to add a couple of items to our procedures to ensure we are doing our best to minimise the risk and these are outlined below.


The underlying principle throughout this note and throughout any event at Moreton is that riding is a risk sport and XC is at the riskier end of the sport and we must all do everything to ensure we remove any unnecessary risk.  The penalties for an accident can be very severe both physically and financially and no matter that you may believe you will not instruct your solicitor to pursue for damages, the reality is that many do and organisers have to protect themselves if they want to offer events such as ours.  If you do not find these procedures in place at other events, that is probably because the organisers have not looked at their insurance properly or, worse, have no insurance and are not aware.  You should check.  You will see our certificate of insurance posted at the secretary and you should ask to see this at other places you go.

It is not enough to put yourselves blindly in our hands.  We do our bit but we cannot know how fit, prepared and experienced you are.  Only you can possibly know if your rider horse combination is ready for the challenge on the day and that responsibility remains yours.

How does this affect XC schooling?

1.              Under 13s can only school over the Moreton XC in Pony Club organised training sessions. 

2.              Over 13s can only school over the Moreton XC in organised training sessions.

3.              Individuals and others cannot XC school unsupervised.

How does this affect unaffiliated events?

1.              The principle question is: how can we know whether the horse and rider (the combination) are sufficiently good enough to tackle the course.  The answer is that unless there is some demonstration of competence, we cannot know.  ODE do the show-jumping element before XC which is regarded as sufficient, but Hunter Triallers do not.

2.              The person best placed to know the answer is the rider/instructor/parent.  Only they can possibly know whether, on the day, given the ground and weather conditions, the combination is ready to take on the challenge presented on the course. 

3.              Therefore every rider (or, for under 16, their parent/guardian), whether ODE or HT, is required to sign that they understand the risks, that they have walked the course (that is the person signing in addition to the rider if under 16) and that their combination is ready for the challenge presented on the course.

4.              Control, together with the fence judges, will remove from the course any combination that is not demonstrating a sufficient degree of competence or showing cause for concern.

5.              Eliminated combinations must leave the course as soon as they are eliminated, at a walk.


Preserving and maintaining the XC track is extremely important to the running of successful events and Moreton will look closely at the ground before deciding whether schooling can happen.  It is very unlikely that conditions will be good enough for schooling until the summer and therefore it is planned, subject to conditions being right, that there will be a schooling week / weekend following our June unaffiliated event.  There will be no unsupervised schooling.  Schooling can only happen under supervision of an instructor.  Moreton will be organising instructor-supervised schooling.

This is not Health and Safety gone mad.  We must all do our part to keep our sport safe and to prevent accidents so this is an opportunity for all of us to do a sanity check and to understand that whilst getting everything right is a brilliant thrill, getting it wrong can have life-changing consequences and within reason, we must do everything to ensure the former and avoid the latter.

Finally – declaring injuries from any event of any kind

If you have any injury from any sport for which you have received a suspension – for instance a 3 week suspension from BE or a 5 week suspension from rugby for a head injury- about which we cannot possibly know - this suspension must be brought to our attention and, of course, you will not be allowed to compete until that suspension is extinct.

You know this makes sense.

Richard Frampton Hobbs


Our Yard Manager, Charlotte Wilson, who many of you know, has been with Moreton Stables for more than 15 years after previous experience as a hunt & event groom. She will be happy to discuss any of your livery requirements including holiday & schooling livery. Contact Charlotte on 07785 704253

Lynne Baldwin clinic forms now available on the schedules page.


If you are interested in becoming an unaffiliated dressage judge or would like to dressage write at any of our events, please email us at

L to R: Jo Lees on Sir Nario, Lucinda Virjee on Royal Rebel II, Carrie Strange on Jefferson, Liz on Wiedon

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Liz on Wiedon in the winning team at the inaugural Senior Hand Home International, October 2008.

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Moira on Maverick Mouse at Moreton BE

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Tiggy on Autumn Matinee at Stockland Lovell BE Novice 2009

Moira on Autumn Matinee



Extreme Dressage at Moreton - 6th Feb 2009!!!!



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